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I read, I write, I sing, I draw (badly), I drink, I play an instrument or four, and occasionally I'm productive.



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castiel u need to stop bein so loud

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Domestic!Destiel AU- Between raising a baby, working wonky hours,  and making sure the cat doesn't get too jealous, the boys aren't   getting much sleep these days. 

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I get this high, and I have to kill. I mean, I really really need to kill!


I get this high, and I have to kill. I mean, I really really need to kill!

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Devil or angel, I don’t care, just COME HERE TO ME.


Devil or angel, I don’t care, just COME HERE TO ME.

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On set pic spam 23/40   *can’t look away*

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mephisto-philes said, "prompt for omega!dean wednesday: omega!collegestudent!dean is protected by alpha!gangboss!cas, when dean accidentally walks into a gang fight. dean becomes lcas' new favorite person and cas just like endlessly sends dean diamond encrusted dildos and (insert expensive rock here) butt plugs and one day cas comes over to hand deliver dean something and interrupts dean trying out a gift for the first time. lots of dirty talk would be nice"

"I see you’re enjoying the gifts I got you."

Dean’s head snapped up, a deep and pretty flush stealing over the Omega’s cheeks as he hurriedly pulled the sheets of his lap. The thin, white sheets were stained with his slick and did little to hide his modesty, and Castiel smirked, folding his arms over his chest and propping himself up against the doorframe as he watched the flushed Omega try to appear at least a little modest.

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tagged by comewhenyoucall and watchingpornwithcas at least idk there may have been more. My music is eclectic and shameful okay like 99% jesus and the rest is pop and riverdance.

”You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, Phone, iTunes, Media Player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One Rule: No Skipping.”

  1. Bloody Good Bar Fight Song - Carbon Leaf
  2. Blackbird - Alter Bridge
  3. No Other Place - Hollywood Undead
  4. Let Go - Ben Walther
  5. Blue Eyes Don’t Lie - You Me At Six
  6. Senoritis - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  7. Praise to Jesus Christ - Chasing Cadence
  8. Better - Louden Swain
  9. To Sir With Love (Glee Cast Version)
  10. Declaration of Dependence - Starfield
  11. Isabel (Acoustic) - Frank Turner
  12. To the Core - Rise Against
  13. But Tonight We Dance - Rise Against
  14. Rap God - Eminem
  15. Shine On Us - Josh Wilson
  16. One More Night - Maroon 5
  17. Destination - Imagine Dragons
  18. Wake Me Up - Avicii
  19. I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying - Toby Keith
  20. Radio - Beyonce

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Anonymous said, "(For sub!dean sunday OR omega!dean wednesday, it's up to you!) Dean's heat and Cas' rut finally line up, and Cas ties Dean to the bed so he has to just stay there and get fucked (but it's consensual/was talked about beforehand maybe?) Maybe some feral!cas using his alpha voice, and biting?"

Castiel taps his fingers twice against Dean’s wrist. Light, even, little nudges that draw the Omega’s attention. It’s a question, asking permission;

Are you okay? Is this okay?

Dean bites his lip, testing the give of the soft black material as he rolls his wrists and tugs on the restraints, before giving a quick nod. He’s not sure how attractive a picture he can actually look - he’s been drunk on his own slick for about an hour, hardly keeping it together enough for his Alpha to tie him up properly and he can barely concentrate on the carefully talked-about set of rules they’d made for this. There’s a wet patch on the bed that’s embarrassingly large and Dean’s red all down his chest and along his neck and cheeks.

Castiel thinks he looks good enough to eat.

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endversecas said, "Omega!Dean Wednesday: In-heat omega!Dean is trying to learn how to come on alpha!Cas’ knot alone. It’s been a long, hard month without orgasm since Cas asked Dean to learn. Once he saw how difficult coming untouched was for Dean, Cas had wanted to stop but Dean is stubborn and refuses to give in. They’d hoped his heat would make it easier, but instead it’s just made Dean all the more desperate with no release in sight. (1/2)"

Cas is fucking him as often as he can get it up, but it’s never enough to send Dean over the edge. The added bonus of his heat, though, is that it makes Dean’s hole looser, sloppier than normal. That’s when Cas gets the idea that his fist is a whole lot like a knot…and maybe one big and hard enough for Dean to come on. (2/2)

Dean winced at the low growl rumbling against his spine, baring his teeth and tilting his head forward to make way for the huge, sucking kiss Castiel laid to the back of his neck.

"No," he growled, reaching back to wrap his fist around Castiel’s, dragging up his chest and onto the blankets. "No, Cas - please, please wait for me. I’m so close, please -.”

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Because Sam not only knew what Dean was referring to before he finished his sentence, but was reaching into his pocket for it before Dean began to speak.

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reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck

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