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I read, I write, I sing, I draw (badly), I drink, I play an instrument or four, and occasionally I'm productive.

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Ed Sheeran || Thinking Out Loud

baby, we found love right where we are…

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I decided to write a version of how Dean coming out to Sam might go. Hope it’s okay!

People are saying this is too small to read on tumblr so I’m gonna add links to the original image sizes for you :)

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yourspookyneighborhoodbitch said, "What're your favorite bottom!dean fics?"


Holy shit where do I even start??

  • basically anything Benny has written.
  • Real Slick Dean (who is shocked no one) - DeanCas ABO
  • fuck my mind is going blank aha um I’m kind of proud of this one which I wrote (dcbb14) - DeanCas
  • Sinking - Dean/Benny ABO
  • (anyone sensing a theme yet) Save Me - Wincestiel ABO

umm fuck I haven’t read any new stuff in so long
and I’m horrible at fic recs i’m sorry.

Also!! I totally forgot to add (for the Wincest lovers out there) basically anything by dragonspell because holy hell

mesheme said, "So I wont to read your writing but I don't know where to start! Is there some that you would tell me to read 1st or I don't know like a top 10 Read-list (play-list) tip of thing? you have so much its a bit doting! But I'm Up for the challenge! XD"


  1. Carrion - Omega!Cas/Alpha!Dean paranormal investigators/haunted house AU
  2. Love the Way You Lie - Godstiel/Eve!Dean S7 alternate story.
  3. Greed - Bodyswap Wincestiel
  4. Deterioration - Detective!Dean/Castiel hannibal fusion.
  5. Zep - Dean/dog
  6. Into the Lion’s Den - gangster!Destiel AU
  7. I’m the One Who Gripped You Tight.. - Cerberus!Castiel Season 4 alternate story.
  8. Not Exactly a Burden - Dom!Dean, Sub!Samandriel/Switch!Castiel Samandestiel fic.
  9. Project: Noah’s Ark - animal hybrid!Wincestiel
  10. Into the Fray - Gangster!Castiel, college student!Dean ABO fic

Bonus fic - 'Til Kingdom Come because In the Flesh ABO~

Anonymous said, "Wahoa my iPhone messed up my last message ahaha Nope it wasn't that one. Nevermind!"

Alright I’m sorry! Maybe try resending?

Anonymous said, "DeanCas sleep humping requester here! I just wanted to let you know that ABO is 100% ok with me, too"

Roger that friend!


…there are a lot of people here.

Hhhhhholy shit.

…there are a lot of people here.




"You’re too old to be a twink."



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#okay but that thing he just did with his tongue #WAT


#okay but that thing he just did with his tongue #WAT

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